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QuantHEP Seminar programme for the second half of 2021

We are very happy to announce the programme of the QuantHEP Seminar – Quantum Computation and High-Energy Physics Seminar for the second half of 2021 (with a break in August):

And you can catch all the previous sessions, available in the QuantHEP Seminar YouTube channel.

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The QuantHEP Seminar is an initiative of the research project QuantHEP – Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics aiming at:

  • presenting and discussing ideas and results on how Quantum Computing – and Quantum Technologies (QT) in general – can help address scientific challenges in High-Energy Physics (HEP), and how in turn HEP can bring new insights into Quantum Information Science;
  • bringing the QT and HEP communities closer together and foster their scientific collaboration

For more details, see:

Please share this information with your students and colleagues, especially in the QT and HEP communities.