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Welcome to the QuantHEP project website

QuantHEP – Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics is a research project whose key goal is to develop quantum algorithms as a solution to the increasingly challenging, and soon intractable, problem of analysing and simulating events from large particle-physics experiments.

Project QuantHEP bring together researchers from the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group at Instituto de Telecomunicações in Portugal, from the National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Italy, and from the Quantum Computing Group of the University of Latvia.

QuantHEP is funded through QuantERA, the European cofund programme in Quantum Technologies.



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M. Trenti, L. Sestini, A. Gianelle, D. Zuliani, T. Felser, D. Lucchesi, and S. Montangero, Quantum-inspired Machine Learning on high-energy physics data, arXiv: 2004.13747 (2020). Get PDF

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