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QuantHEP Steering Committee

QuantHEP Partners

IST-ID is an umbrella organisation hosting the research centres of Instituto Superior Técnico. Namely, it includes CeFEMA, part of national research laboratory LAPMET, rated Excellent in its international assessments. CeFEMA hosts the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, which develops theoretical research on quantum computation, quantum simulation, and quantum information theory, coordinates project QuantHEP, and is involved in other international research projects in quantum information science.

National Institute for Nuclear Physics is one of the most prestigious Italian research agencies. It conducts theoretical and experimental research in subnuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics, and technological R&D. The research team involved in QuantHEP has a longstanding experience in national and European projects on quantum theory and quantum technologies and software development in inspired by quantum information.

University of Latvia is the leading research university in Latvia, consisting of 13 faculties that conduct studies and research in a wide range of disciplines in sciences and humanities. The University of Latvia has several internationally recognized research groups in quantum physics and quantum information, including the Quantum Computing Group, participating in project QuantHEP.

QuantHEP Associate Partners

CERN is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading laboratories for particle physics. At CERN, physicists and engineers probe the fundamental structure of the universe. To do this, they use the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments – particle accelerators and detectors – to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles – and the forces that shape the universe. CERN runs many R&D initiatives to support the particle physics research programmes, including the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative, which explores particle physics applications of quantum computing, sensing, simulation and information theory.


The Portuguese Quantum Institute (PQI) is a new institute devoted to research, innovation, education, and outreach in Quantum Information Science and Technologies. PQI builds on 18 years of experience in developing quantum information science and technology, including 7 European and 1 American research projects, and one doctoral programme.