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QuantHEP Seminar, Saverio Pascazio

Date: March 9, 2022

New session of the QuantHEP Seminar – Quantum Computation and High-Energy Physics Seminar:

Title: Dimensional Reduction of Gauge Theories and Quantum Simulations

Speaker: Saverio Pascazio (University of Bari and INFN)

Date: Wednesday 9 March 2022

Time: 17h00 Brussels = 16h00 Lisbon = 11h00 New York = 8h00 San Francisco = etc.

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Abstract: We derive and discuss one- and two-dimensional models for classical electromagnetism by making use of Hadamard’s method of descent. Low-dimensional electromagnetism is conceived as a specialization of the higher dimensional one, in which the fields are uniform along the additional spatial directions. We then consider two-dimensional models for a charged spin- 1/2 particle, both in the free case and in the presence of the electromagnetic field, by applying the same reduction technique. 

The basic properties of these theories, as well as their relation with existing models for two-dimensional matter, are discussed. We focus on the relevance of these findings for the quantum simulation of (lattice) gauge theories.

We also discuss the activities of Italian INFN within the QuantERA program and highlight some key topics.

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