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QuantHEP Seminar, Ignacio Cirac

Date: December 2, 2020

New session of the QuantHEP Seminar – Quantum Computation and High-Energy Physics Seminar:

Date: 2 December 2020

Time: 17h00 Brussels = 11h00 New York = 8h00 San Francisco = etc.

Speaker: Ignacio Cirac (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)

VenueQuantHEP Seminar YouTube channel

TitleSolving Quantum Lattice Gauge Theories with Quantum Computers

Abstract: Quantum many-body systems are very hard to simulate, as computational resources (time and memory) typically grow exponentially with system size. Quantum computers or analog quantum simulators can circumvent this problem and thus can help us to simulate quantum models in a much more efficient way.

In this talk I will first summarize some quantum algorithms to study the dynamics of quantum many-body systems, as well as the zero temperature behavior. Then, I will introduce two efficient quantum algorithms to determine finite energy and temperature properties of such systems. Finally, I will also consider their applications to lattice gauge theories.